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Bounties part of Galion business

As soon as Phillip Barber heard that Ken Reynolds, Gina Powell and her two sons were looking for him at his girlfriend’s house in Mansfield, he tried to run away.

Barber, who was bonded out July 6 after being arrested on various charges, missed a court hearing last week which led to him skipping a $20,000 bail that was posted by AAA Bail Bonds in Galion.

Barber kicked out the screen on the back window twice in an attempt to leave. After he wasn’t able to get out, he tried to stick his head out the window.

That didn’t work, either.

“We are not going to hurt you,” Kaleb Powell called out from the backyard as he saw Barber trying to leave.

And after Barber saw Kaleb, he gave up.

Kaleb gave the Gina’s pink handcuffs to Reynolds and the arrest was made.

The company took Barber to Richland County Jail.

Although bounty hunts are not an everyday activity by those at AAA Bail Bonds in Galion, they are a necessary tool for the business.

Powell invited the Inquirer to exclusively observe the hunt for Barber Friday morning.

She said the company does a few bounty hunts per year and carries out arrests for those who have skipped bail.

“I like to be in law enforcement and to help people and help drug addicts get on the right path ,” Powell said, noting that a lot of the company’s clients are drug addicts.

Story credits Galion Inquirer

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